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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

7 Days To Go

Here are my ramblings for today with 7 days until I get the news.

1.       Every muscle in my body aches.  Well not every, but my arms and legs (and of course butt) ache.  Like I had an intense workout.  They’ve been hurting for 2 days now ::sigh::

2.       The proper way to eat a grape tomato is to first squeeze it.  If it is nice and firm toss it in your mouth and bite it quickly so it pops (hint…I’m eating tomatoes right now).  If it’s not firm gag after you squeeze it and throw it in the trash.

3.       A great cup of water is made when you pour super-hot water over a cup of ice.  It tastes better that way…I swear.

4.       Elijah occasionally wakes up naked after going to be clothed.  This usually happens because he wakes up to pee in the middle of the night and drops his pants somewhere along the way…and just never picks them back up.

5.       Taylor lost another tooth (that makes 6…I think?).  She lost it while sitting on the couch and began flipping out and screaming that it just fell out on the couch.  I’m not sure if she was freaking out because this was the first tooth she lost that literally just fell out without pulling on it, or if when it fell out it landed on the couch somewhere.  It’s Taylor…so probably both.

6.       I think it’s odd to take your pants completely off while you poop… Justin (and Sam) think this is mandatory…Elijah is learning from his father ::sigh::

7.       Today during worship practice I nearly puked like 3 times.  Hopefully it’s a sign (or at least just the extra hormones from the injections) and not the beginnings of the flu (coupled with #1)

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