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Monday, December 30, 2013

Irrational Frustration

One of THE most ANNOYING commercials I have ever seen is this car commercial that is airing now.

Santa is asking 2 cars (different brands) questions. The car that is being advertised to you of course answers all of the questions with a yes.

The last question is something like "Which one of you has a starting price the same as your gas mileage".


IF they are trying to say "this is a great priced car" then they are saying "AND we have horrible gas mileage": $16,000 car means 16 MPG.

IF they are trying to say "we have great gas mileage on this car" then they are saying "AND its really expensive": 35 MPG car means it cost $35,000

Its stupid.

Somebody should be shot in the foot.

And yes...I realize I am probably overly annoyed by a commercial which doesn't change the fact that it is a stupid commercial.

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