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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

8 Days To Go

I have decided.
I have decided that as we count down the days until the pregnancy test I will provide you with random lists of things to correspond with the days we have left.  They will not (or may not) relate to the surrogacy in any way and really will just be random things.

I like random things.
You should too.

1. Nachos are one of my favorite foods in life.  Like the fake cheese kind you get at a snack bar loaded with jalapeƱos.
2. My right butt check is much less tolerant of pain than my left side.
3. My kitchen floor gets cleaned like once a month…usually right before company comes over…and usually only if the company has kids.

4. Apparently Jordan drew X's all over Elijah yesterday (I say it’s her planned incision places - See #8). At least told Justin that she put the marker away when she was considerate?

5. I had 2 people today tell me my face looked swollen…a good sign? Or I just ate a WHOLE LOTTA turkey and potatoes this weekend while on bed rest.

6. When I get my blood drawn I ask for a butterfly needle because I’m a wuss…I wasn’t always this way.  Only since the one time I was getting my blood drawn and my mom saw the needle and passed out and fell on me and knocked me unconscious with a concussion.

7. In Justin’s sleep last night he woke up giggling like a little girl and saying “Tenchi’s got a girlfriend” over and over and over again.  First of all I haven’t heard that name in ages (WoW peeps should know) and secondly I wasn’t aware my husband would be so excited about Tenchi’s love life.

8. Jordan really likes to watch Justin give me my injections.  I’d like to think it’s because she wants to grow up to be a doctor.  But let’s be honest… its Jordan so she is probably just really excited to watch somebody be stabbed with a sharp object. (If I didn’t think hashtags were stupid I’d put one here about the evil behind that cute smile of hers)

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