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Monday, December 16, 2013

HCG, Injections, and Thyroid Hormones

So on Wednesday last week I got the confirmation that at least one of the embryos implanted decided to stick around. 

My HCG levels were at 968.
The doctor also noticed my Thyroid Hormone levels were sort of high (2.7) and wanted to get them lowered so I started taking some medication that I can’t remember the name of right now.
The worst part about this medication is I have to take it as soon as I wake up with only water and I can’t eat for an hour after I take it.  Hello pregnant woman…you know what makes morning sickness better? Eating something in the morning.  You know what you aren’t allowed to do? Eat something in the morning.
Then on Friday I had my blood drawn again and found out my HCG levels were up to 1962.  They are going up and that’s a good thing.
So it seems like the baby (or babies) are doing fine. Yay
I have another blood test this Wednesday to again check my HCG levels and make sure they keep increasing.
GOOD NEWS: I am now doing the Crinone twice a day (progesterone in a non-injection form) so I don’t have to do the progesterone injections anymore!  Now I only do the estrogen injections every 3 days.  YAY!
Prayer Requests:

·         Perfect and healthy baby (babies)

·         Rest for me (I’m exhausted)

·         Nausea (that it stays manageable)

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