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Monday, December 2, 2013

Now We Wait

So on Friday, November 29th around 12:15, 2 embryos (6 days “old”) were placed in my prepped womb.

These 2 embryos have been genetically screened for testable genetic disorders and gender.  So I know they were 2 “healthy” little girls (and yes, I use the word “healthy” very loosely because there is so much more that could be considered non-healthy). 
It’s amazing what doctors can do now!
The procedure itself was quick and easy with nothing more than a slight pinch of discomfort and took about 5 minutes.  Jessica (an amazing person and great friend by the way) was my ride to the doctor and my support and company for the procedure.
I was supposed to take valium to “relax” myself during the procedure, but I forgot it at home (shh don’t tell).  I’m glad I did though; because I didn’t want to be drugged and it ends up I didn’t need to be drugged anyway.  As I watched those embryos get dropped off on the ultrasound screen and heard “How does it feel to be pregnant with twins in this moment” I was just amazed.  I instantly prayed for those little girls and whatever journey was ahead of us.
The bed rest was the worst part.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, getting taken care of for a few days is nice.   But there is something about NOT being able to get up that makes it worse.  Seeing Justin frustrated because he’s trying to do 5 things at once and I can’t get up to even pour my kid a glass of water sort of sucks.  But my hubby is a champ and took care of all 4 of us the whole weekend and even managed to keep our house some-what orderly.
The most stressful part ever was going to the bathroom….I know that sounds odd, but if can just imagine that you know you have 2 babies floating around your insides trying to find a place to attach and here you are sitting over a toilet and thinking…don’t fall out!
It’s not really possible for them to “fall out”, but it doesn’t mean you don’t still freak out.  I read somewhere that the uterus is like a deflated balloon which makes it difficult for anything to get out, but still… STRESSFUL.

On Saturday night the Translator (we’ll call him JZ) stopped by with some goodies from the IP as a thank you and “thinking of you” sort of thing.  I loved that there was even a book set for the kids (and a roasted duck, dried fruit gift basket and HUGE box of Danish Butter Cookies)!  I love my IP and I love working with JZ.

I had some minor cramping and spotting on Friday about an hour after the procedure and then some minor cramping again early Saturday morning.  I checked out some surrogacy information online and found that this was “normal” and could mean:

1.       Nothing: they just stuck a catheter into my uterus of course there is some minor bleeding and cramping.
2.       Not Pregnant: early signs of an upcoming menstrual cycle
3.       Pregnant: the embryo(s) attached causing slight cramping and the burrowing into the uterine lining causing slight spotting
So really…it all means nothing ::sigh::
My pregnancy test is on December 11th at 11:00 AM.  I can’t take a home pregnancy test for a head start since I am doing HCG injections which is what the home test would test for anyway.

So for now I continue my nightly injections and assume and hope and pray that I’m pregnant.

Prayer Requests:

·         That the pregnancy sticks
·         That if it is Twins I can carry them well so I don’t need to take extra time off work or cause any health concerns
·         The baby(ies) grow well and healthy
·         I can keep my stress levels down and my energy up
·         That I can be a reflection of Christ to my IP

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