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Friday, August 3, 2012

10 Things That Bother Me

Today I felt like informing you all of things that bother me.  Some are meaningless, some are meaningful.  If you are an offender its ok, I probably still love you.

  1. Hitted and Hurted are NOT words – I have horrible grammar and spelling, but this still bothers me
  2. Gabby Douglas hair criticism.  Seriously people… she just won an Olympic gold medal for flipping around all crazy like in the air and you are upset that her hair was not representing the black community well.  SHE WON A FREAKIN MEDAL IN THE OLYMPICS – if that’s not affirmation enough then you will probably never be happy.
  3. Sylvester Stallone and Drew Berrymore – easily two of the most annoying people on the planet
  4. Being called a bigot and hypocrite because I hate sin but love people.  When your kid lies to you are you a hypocrite when you tell them you love them?  No you frown on the bad behavior and hopefully do something to fix it, but still love them.
  5. A wet face…please keep all moisture away from my face unless I am in the shower or pool. Thank you.
  6. The song Sante Fe from the Newsies… Such a great movie, such a horrible song – mostly the dancing is horrible.
  7. Being cold.  I am most always cold and I dislike this very much.  I even had a heating pad at work to keep on my lap to stay warm…it died.  Now I’m cold even more.
  8. The color pink.  Why is it so horribly ugly? I may never know.
  9. Barney – I hate that stupid purple dinosaur.  My kids even know that when they see Barney on Netflix they say “We can’t watch that because mommy doesn’t like it” – darn right.
  10. Chubby kids in strollers.  I’d like to emphasis KID here.  If you are pushing your 5 year old that weighs 150 pounds around in stroller…don’t wonder why they weigh 150 pounds.
An extra one just for the heck of it

  1. Trash on my stairs.  Excuse me plethora of kids running around my apartment complex if you are going to make MY stairs your place to hang out stop leaving your candy wrappers, soda cans, half eaten food, and toys on them please.  AND when I’m walking up to my stairs with arms full of groceries do not continue to sit there and block my way while you stare at me.
Happy Friday friends! I have some fun stuff going on tonight so be prepared in the near future for a blog of memories and probably some embarrassing video footage.

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