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Monday, August 27, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #35

Tracy Fox - How can birds fly? How can fish breathe in water?

Taylor: Well the wind gets in their feathers and they flap and the it can make more air to help them.  But they stay still so they can let the bird air through so it will help them fly.  Fish breathe in water because they are animals the breathe in water.  They have layers in there that keeps the air in there to help them breath and the water keeps them alive.  Water is alive.

Jordan: Birds fly can fly when they flap their wings.  They close their mouth and open their mouth and it goes up.  They cover their knows but they don't have hands they have flapper tails.

Rachel Reed - What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?

Taylor: My favorite thing to do in summer is going to trip.  Going on a swimming pool.

Jordan: Oh, Its I just want to go in snow.  That's my favorite thing in summer (apparently she doesn't know what seasons are)

Rachel Reed - If you could pick something in your bedroom that would last forever, what would you choose? Why?

Taylor: A Diamond and Gold and pretty and well but when there is one that that is beautiful I'll share with you.  Mommy I'll buy a beautiful necklace for you. (for the record she does not have gold and diamonds in her room)

Jordan: It will be a light thing.
Me: Not Marley (her stuffed dog that looks like the dog from the movie Marley and Me) or your Tinker Bell blanket?
Jordan: Oh, Marley and my Tinker Bell blanket.

Rachel Reed - If you could design the perfect play space for yourself, what would it have in it? Where would it be?

Taylor: I really giant slide and you have to climb all the way up as high as space, but its not scary because there are things that can catch you if you go to fast. And there's also a little slide in case you don't want that one.  My play place will be called Space Space Sometimes Everywhere.  And sometimes there will be ghosts to catch you but don't be scared because they are there to help you.

Jordan: It would be a tent um somewhere that we can be safe and stuff.  Where there aren't any monsters and stuff. Like a monster potato head and he has polka dots on him.  And Marley is like WOO HOO!

Jennifer Baker - If you could ask the questions for family blog night what questions would you ask?

Taylor: Why is the butterfly have beautiful colors?  Why do rainbows have a lot of colors.

Jordan:  It will be a tent.  I keep saying tents all day.

Allyson Blinn Ramirez - what does it mean to be nice to your brother and sister?

Taylor: It means I'm really so nice and I'm never mean to them.  And I'll be a star more then everybody.

Jordan: Oh its no hitting and no throwing toys.

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  1. space space sometimes everywhere. I like that.