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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Like My Earth Shaken - Not Stirred

I personally enjoy earthquakes.  I think out of all the natural disasters I much prefer the earthquake.  Its like mini roller coaster and the seat is your living room!

Now the death and destruction earthquakes are not cool.  Don’t hear me say that, but how often can you sit through another natural disaster and be done in 30 seconds and move on?

For me the fact that they come out of no where and last about a minute is why I prefer them.  I don’t like the stress and anticipation of the other natural disasters.

So here is my comparison on why I prefer an earthquake:

1. When is it coming?
Earthquake: You don’t have to wait in anticipation and wonder when it will actually hit.  You just go on about life until the earth starts shaking.

Others: All the “warnings” or “changes in weather” cause stress and anxiety.  You sit around for minutes to hours in anticipation on when and where it may hit.  No Thank You.

2. What to do when it’s happening?
Earthquake: hide under a table.  How easy is that?!

Others: Hide in a shelter for or crawl space under your house or board up your windows and wait for it to hit, if it hits. No Thank You.

3. What to do when it’s over?
Earthquake: Now I’m not talking about a huge one that will demolish an entire city here.  But just the usual 4.0-5.0 type earthquakes.  Maybe even a little bigger then that.  When it’s over you may need to put things back on the shelves at home, clean up a few broken items that were not secured properly (be prepared and this is not the case), maybe deal with a small crack in the paint on your wall, or go a few hours without a utility (electricity).

Others: Your house insides may be fine but everything else can be wrecked.  You may be missing a mail box or have a flash flood.  I honestly don’t know what else happens since we really only deal with earthquakes here in Cali, but the pictures look horrendous. No Thank You.

4. How often do they occur?
Earthquake: Well in the last 24 hours we have had 2 earthquakes over a 4.0 and several aftershocks which you mostly don’t ever feel.  Other then that we maybe have significant ones in awhile.  I mean over the last year alone I don’t think there have been more then 3 and then over the last few years maybe a few more.

Others: I don’t know how I can count this since I’m grouping them together, but I looked up a news story and counted on the 3+ tornadoes in an area and there were 9 confirmed in just a few days with 23 warnings.  Yuck! No Thank You.

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