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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let The De-Clutter Games Begin

I will choose a winner tonight so you still have a few hours left to win some goodies!

If you know me well you know I’m not a “pat myself on the back” or “toot my own horn” kind of girl.  I appreciate being acknowledged for my efforts, but in some (most) circumstances I’d rather not be acknowledged at all.

That is unless it involves my motherly/housely duties.  For some reasons that is the only place in my life I not only enjoy acknowledgement, but hope to get it.

That being said, although I adore my husband, this is not a strong suit of his.  Did I use that right? Strong Suit…I’m not even really sure that’s actually how it goes, since its one of those things I’ve always heard, but never actually seen.  Anyway, back to my awesome hubby.

Justin IS good at making me laugh when I’m angry.  Justin IS good at giving me break when I ask for it.  Justin IS good at tolerating my insanity. 

Just IS NOT good at verbal appreciation.  Nothing against him, that’s just not his kind of thing.

That being said for my own sake today I want to pat myself on the back.

It started when I mentioned a few needs ago my desire to de-clutter.  I had plans to de-clutter and knew it was coming, but then it go hot.  And if I’m hot then you know it’s insanely hot, since I’m always cold.  Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning and organizing when it’s hot.

However, one of my children then decided to misplace our Tivo remote which controls everything we can view on the TV (and in this case delete the Olympics so we can make room for the cool new fall shows coming).  So I was on a mission – find the remote WHILE de-cluttering.

Do normal people link to themselves as often as I do?

It started with the Living Room. 
  • Get rid of the trash and extra papers
  • Clean and organized the desk and desk drawers
  • Clean off bookshelves of unnecessary clutter
  • Reorganize (and purge) DVDs
  • Reorganize (and purge) CDs
  • Reorganize (and purge) Video Games
  • Move all furniture and vacuum everything
  • Dust/Windex everything
I didn’t find the remote so I moved onto the Kitchen
  • Clean inside, outside, and top of Fridge and Freezer
  • Clean counter tops
  • Clean stove top
  • Clean, reorganize, and purge pantry
  • Clean, reorganize, and purge cupboards (which I just found out is not spelled cubbards)
  • Clean sink
I still did not find the remote so my bedroom was next
  • Clean out, reorganize, and purge closets
  • Clean out and reorganize end tables
  • Stop cleaning
Yeah, so I didn’t finish my room, but 2.5 rooms in 1 day and about 8 hours later I called it quits.  Go me!

AND over the last 1.5 weeks I have made dinner every night, done half the dishes (usually Justin’s job – just helping him out – poor guy needs a vacation), made and fed the kids breakfast every day but 1, vacuumed…again, swept the floor (again usually Justin’s job, but a break is needed), and even took out the trash once (most definitely Justin’s job – forever and always – I maybe do it once a year so I’ve met my quota).


Now this did all come at the cost of laundry not getting done this week but…

YAY ME!  And laundry can wait until tomorrow night and while I do the laundry I’ll probably clean out the Storage Room since that’s the last real room that needs to be de-cluttered… Justin and I will have some major differences in opinions on the word de-clutter when it comes to that room.

Let the battle begin (and be won by me – Go Me!)

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  1. You Rock girl! I wish I could get that much done. I start and then stop but here is a site that kind of breaks stuf down also has some good ideas for the kids to learn to keep up with there stuff I love reading her stuff and if you are an organized person she will just make you that much better :)