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Monday, August 6, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #32

Tiffany Garnica - If you could create a new animal what would it look like and what would you call it?

Taylor:  A buffalo doing a dance move party. It would be called monkey dancing on the party.

Jordan: It would look like a new doggy just like Marley, but I want a pet.  I want a pet kitty it will be curly and fluffy.

Jennifer Baker - What is your favorite toy and do you remember who gave it to you?

Taylor: The hammer that daddy got because I like to bonk you on the head.  Uncle Buck and Aunt Jennifer. (we just opened a gift box from Buck and Jenn (Video to come later)

Jordan: My favorite to is lamby.  It was my special toy from grandma. And I said thank you and she said you're welcome and I take her to my house because I like lamby alive. And I make her all over again, and I make the dragon all over again.  Because its pink.  And the hippo... (yeah she kept going)

If you could be any age forever what age would you be?

Taylor: 79 points

Jordan: I will be 5 years old

Have you ever had a sleep over and if so what was your favorite part?

Taylor: Yeah, being up for a little bit.

Jordan: Um yeah I had a sleep over with grandma and I sleeped in her room.  That was fun fun fun.

Brittany M - what are clouds made of?

Taylor: Um dust and hot and they get all fluffy and cozy and smokey.

Jordan: Clouds are made of fluffy things.

whats more fun, disneyland or the circus?

Taylor: Disneyland

Jordan: Disneyland

who is the prettiest disney princess?

Taylor: Cinderella

Jordan: Um its the blue one and the pink one is the prettiest too and beast is not good, but belle is not good either because she's really not good.  And Rapunzel is good, she's really good and Tinkerbell is good when she turns into a princess and little mermaid is the best when she has the pirate boy.

what is more fun, the swings or the slide?

Taylor: Swings

Jordan: The swings.

how far away is the moon, the sun?

Taylor: Really far away in the sky.

Jordan: Um far far far as it all.

where is canada?

Taylor: Um in the middle of the earth I think.

Jordan:  Canada is the new park.

what would you buy if you were the richest person in the world?

Taylor: A cave and you have to blow it up with air and the doors blowed up and it opens and closed.

Jordan: I would buy a pony that has a pink castle.

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