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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Business of Mulling

Today I sit mulling over information.  I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “mulling” before and not entirely sure I used it correctly.  I may not do it again, its an odd word.

I had a brief conversation last night with one of the most awesome human beings in the world (aka Kim Newmyer) about the difference between doing something you may love versus what is good for the family or yourself.

For example, Justin and I had conversations early on in our marriage that we did not like the idea of him working nights and weekends while I worked during the day or visa versa. Is having extra money in our pockets worth not seeing each other?  Is having our own house worth missing out on family dinners and Saturday trips to the beach or zoo?  We decided it was not.  And have lived our lives accordingly.

What if things changed a little.  What if he was able to work a job he loved making just enough money to put the kids into preschool, but not make us any extra money.  I have to also note we are not one of the parents that are against preschool.  I think kids do fine in preschool and we have no hesitation on putting them in one (if we could afford it) with the caveat that when they were not in school they would the quality time and attention they deserve from us as well.

So we left off with the theoretical story of Justin having a job he adores, where he thrives and learns.  He does it but every penny earned is going to pay for the kid’s schooling.  So our family is no better off for him working, but he is happy (which as part of our family is important).  What if he then gets an opportunity to take a job he wouldn’t mind (but may not love), but get a significant pay increase?

Is it wrong to want to stay where he loves his work (selfish) over the chance to provide more financially to the family?

This is all theoretical of course – he safely (maybe not always sanely) sits at home watching our 3 bundles of joy (chaos) right now.

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