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Monday, August 6, 2012

Praise the Lord for AAA

I have what I think is a really fun blog to post that is written and ready, but it can come up anytime so instead you get the scoop in this crazy weekend (yet again).

I never finished the details on our last crazy packed weekend, but really the only significant piece left was that everyone that was watching our kids got together to bring them home and eat some burgers.  Thank you to everyone that helped with the kids!

So things started off for me on Friday when I drove up to Montclair to meet up with some high school friends for dinner.  I stopped by my parents house to get some things from them and when my dad found out who I was meeting he decided he should come along too.  I’ve always been close to my daddy so my friends all knew him too.

The special group of people I met up with were my dear, loud, crazy, and fun drama friends.  I spent many hours with this group of people crowded in the green room, memorizing lines, shouting through the theater, and whatever else came up.  Some of my fondest memories of high school took place in our theater with these people.  I love you guys.  I forgot my camera so I stole these from my old drama teacher Kelly (so weird to call her by her first name now).
This is Nick (Dooty) singing for me

Kelly (My teacher and her handsome boys)

MoHi Players Club (well a small sampling of)

Saturday morning started of with super cleaning for me.  My house was in desperate need of scrubbing.  Since I spend my Saturday mornings now (my cleaning time) at gymnastics/dance with the girls I’ve neglected some things.  The girls decided they wanted to help me clean so I gave them the less important, but very annoying tasks like cleaning the base boards and walls.  They loved it.  I’m glad I didn’t have to do it.

We headed to Target to let Taylor pick her “toy” for losing her tooth.  Sorry, no tooth fairy in our house.  She picked this bubble kit which is pretty awesome actually.  We headed home for naps and lunch and after lunch took a family trip to the pool.  This is a rare occurrence in our house even though our complex has a pool.  Because I hate being cold, and the pool is always cold.   The girls were excited that I actually came this time.  We had fun and headed back for dinner and opened up Taylor’s bubble kit.
Jordan learning to swim without a deathgrip on Justin

Taylor swimming on her own.

Elijah shivering outside the pool just like mommy.

On Sunday after church we went to the beach.  It was really nice weather and the kids had a blast! Elijah (like his mother) does not like being cold so once foot in the water was all he needed to decide he did not like the water.  Truthfully, he was most excited about the sand.  So excited that when we got the beach he stopped at the first plot of sand he saw and started digging with his shovel (like the sand by the street – not even on the beach yet). 
Sand - his favorite part

Justin being a good daddy and teaching Taylor how to build a moat

Jordan got cold and joined us shivering folks in the sand

The best part (sarcasm…FYI) was when we got to the car and realized our keys were locked in along with our cell phones.  Nothing like being stranded with 3 little kids and no phone.  Luckily there was a really nice security guard at a disposal place nearby that let me make a phone call – and since I did not have my wallet I did not know AAA’s number and was lucky to find out that the security guard did so he had the number on the back of his guard.  Woot!

AAA got there in about 30 minutes and we were on our way home.  Times like this make me grateful that I seemingly waste money every year on AAA membership.  Totally worth it in my opinion.  We ended our night with a movie which the kids (even with out a nap) managed to stay awake for.  Justin and I were not so lucky.  I fell asleep for about 30 minutes of the movie, Justin for about 3 hours.  We needed the nap much more then the kids apparently.

I love time with my family…even if that means I have 4 loads of clean laundry sitting on my dresser right now waiting to be folded…

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