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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Saturday’s Shindigs

So I am now continuing the crazyness that was this last weekend.  I may be over my slump, but most likely am not.  But we can pretend.

So Saturday morning we got up early and the girls and I headed to gymnastic/dance practice.  This “season” Jordan stayed in gymnastics and Taylor opted to try something new which ended up being a ballet/tap combo class.  She is having a lot of fun, but she likes tap much more then ballet.

Unfortunately, you do not get pictures of the ballet/tap since the teacher doesn’t allow parents in the room since it distracts them.  But here are a couple of Jordan…and she’s only wearing a skirt because her leotard is a tad too small and rides up her little hiney. If you want to see some horribly awkward displays of gymnastic and dance let me know… the girls have a recital on August 18th and I can give you the details if you ask.

During class Justin took Elijah over to Aunt Tracy and Uncle Kenny’s house so that when we got home the girls and Justin and I headed to Pomona/Montclair to drop off the girls.  One at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house (MeMa and PoPo) and one at my parent’s house (Grandma and PaPa).  We then headed to Riverside for the baby shower (meet the baby) for new little man named Austin.  This event I did not get pictures of.  Shame on me.

After the shower we headed back to the Webster’s house to hang out for awhile and eat some AMAZING food…you have no idea how amazing.  We then made the drive down to Long Beach to watch Jeff and Christina renew their vows after 10 years of marriage (as the sun was setting).  Beautiful and sweet.

Since the night was still young (well young based on my standards from before I had kids now…now I’m great if I’m in bed by like 10) we headed to Westminster to see an art show called Catalyst Strikes Back. Click the link for real…awesome Star Wars art and some of it is by Justin’s best friend growing up Chris Kawagiwa…click that link too, because Chris is awesome too.

We headed home and honestly I can’t remember what we did when we got home.  I’d like to say we slept since we had a chance to do that without kids all night, but we probably ended up watching tv or something.

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