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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Call Her Disney Ashley

I was about to start this blog with “I think I’ve mentioned it before, but…” and then thought that I think I start a lot of my blogs out with that line.  Does that mean I’m really just telling you all the same thing over and over again?

Maybe.  I need to accept the realization that I might be boring.  That’s sad.  But you read anyway (I think) so WooHoo for that.  WooHoo makes me think of Sims which meansthat statement would become highly inappropriate and make this whole blog awkward.

So back to the real point (as you say “You actually have a real point?”)

As I think I have mentioned before I can have a difficult time being “outgoing” and “social” with new people or when I’m focused on something I just become oblivious to what’s going on around me.  And for a fact I know now (after several minutes of searching) that I did in fact mention it before so to get a run down on how I approach new social situations you’ll need to read this blog (again) since I don’t feel like writing it all out again.  In a nutshell, if I don’t KNOW you then you do not KNOW me.  Do not assume what you see is what you get with me – my first impressions are rather deceiving.

That being said the Davis’ headed to Disneyland again last night (our passes just became eligible again after 2 months and we are milking it for all its worth!)  Justin took the girls on Star Tours (15 minute wait – Can I get an AMEN?!) and I took Elijah on the Astro Orbiter.  We were in line behind a nice woman named Ashley that had a bubbly 2/3 year old (not sure her age) named Gigi and a 19 month old named Savannah. 

Now this woman was everything I am not in new social situations.  She was very chatty and easy going.  She was surprisingly easy to talk to and the 5 minute wait we were supposed to have was more like 20 minutes so we had plenty of time just chat.  I actually thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and found out so many ways we are similar.  I also learned that her oldest really wanted to go on Small World and her youngest was terrified so I offered to take her daughter on the ride followed with “Unless that’s too creepy – because that may seem creepy”.  She laughed and said she thought it was a great idea.

We talked some more as we waited in line for Small World and Jordan and Gigi especially hit it off.  Since most of our friends have boys Jordan doesn’t get the chance very often to hang out with a little girl.  (FYI the little boys she does hang out with are super awesome and we love them). After the ride we needed to head home, but Gigi asked if we could go on another ride with them.  I told her that Taylor had to go to bed since she had school in the morning, but her mom and I exchanged numbers and plan on meeting up again soon.

If you would have told me yesterday afternoon that I would meet somebody at Disneyland and spend a couple of hours talking to them and making plans to hang out again I would have called you a liar.  Well probably not a liar, but maybe a little psycho.   But it was a great night!  Yay for new friends – and you all know I have the most awesomest friends.

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