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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Room 23

Like a good mom (and the fact our passes finally work again after being blocked for nearly 2 months) we took the kids to Disneyland the night before Taylor started.  We cut our night short of course to get home at a decent hour since Taylor needed to be up early to start her day. 

The morning of started with breakfast of Taylor’s choice (oatmeal…if you know Taylor you know she could live off of this food alone).  We also had several fun conversations like this one:

::Taylor inspects her folder and pulls out her ruler::

Taylor: Mom what is the ruler for?
Jordan: It’s to measure your friends


Jordan: Mommy can I go to school with Taylor too?
Me: No you have to be 5 years old like Taylor
Jordan: You can put lots of socks on my feet and I can stand on my tip toes so I can be big enough
(Jordan is ¼ inch to short to go on Disney rides so we put on 3 pairs of big socks to give her the boost)
Me: No you have to 5 years old, not just tall

There were a few things said that morning that I knew I would “remember” for the blog…but I forgot them ::sigh::
Jordan seemed to have a tougher time letting Taylor go to school then any one (Taylor included) and asked several times if she could go with her and then proceeded to ask several times while she was gone if it was time to pick her up.

We went as a family to drop her off mostly to learn where to drop her off and pick her up since it’s a job Justin and I will be sharing.  Taylor began whining after a few minutes say “I want to go” when I told her she would have fun here she said “No, I mean I just want to go to class” – I assumed she meant she wanted to go home, but I guess she just wanted to get going.

We picked her up (which was a nightmare) about 3.5 hours later – WHY would you start school on a minimum day? I’m sure there are good reasons, but for us it was just annoying.

Taylor learned “yellow” in Spanish and admitted to me that she didn’t understand her teacher at all (see this blog for details on how her classroom program since its not ‘normal’), but she seemed to have a pretty good day overall.

We ended her first day of school with ice cream cones and Disneyland yet again – this time with the Keys’ and left early to be home by 8 for bed.  I was as exhausted as the kids and we were all out in minutes.  And for the record 6 kids with 3 adults (Justin had to leave for church) was crazy! Fun, but oh so very crazy – I assumed more adults would make it easier, but it feels like 6 kids turned into 12 when they all got together…haha.  I blame the heat, hunger, and lack of naps. 

The good news is that Taylor was excited to go back today!  Praise the Lord!

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