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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Super Awesome

Have I mentioned before that I work for a super awesome company AND I have super awesome coworkers AND I have a super awesome boss.  No lie.

My boss is so awesome these actual words were in my annual review “…more then a normal human being”.  I appreciate that.  She didn’t say you do X quickly.  She didn’t say you do X quicker then most people.  She said you do X more then a normal human being.  That’s right.  She’s funny and super awesome.  I appreciate her.

She is a no fluff kind of person.  A “you made this mistake let’s fix it” kind of person and not a “you did really good on A and B, but we need to work on C” kind of person.  I appreciate that too.  I hate fluff.  I’m perfectly fine assuming my job is being done adequately unless you tell me otherwise.  I do not need nor do I want you to tell me how good I’m doing.  I’d rather assume all is well unless you tell me there’s a problem to fix.

Not everyone likes a boss like that.  But man oh man I find it awesome.  Super awesome even.

The real question is “Why the heck are you telling me this Rachael?”

Because my super awesome boss is letting me work from home a couple of hours every morning so that I can drop Taylor off at school at 9:30 then finish my day at work.  Although this is a huge help and although I am getting my work done at home (which is easier then I anticipated with 3 kids running around) I still feel by the time I get to work I’m behind.

I’m not, but it feels like it.  So I am taking my 10 minute break and ignoring work like I should be doing. 

The reality is that I just entered a massively crazy next few weeks that just happened to coincide with Taylor’s starting school.  So even if I was working my full day AT work I’d still be behind.

And my 10 minutes are up.  Thank you for reading if you still are.  This was a rather pointless blog.

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  1. I feel the same way I love my job to and my coworkers it so makes life easier when you love your job and co workers.